Red Wing Safety Toe Work Boots
Below is  a list and prices of the Red Wing boots and Shoes available for immediately deliver at Downtown Shoes. 
However, we can special order any Red Wing, Worx or Irish Setter style you are in the market for.  Contact us for pricing.
Red Wing 218 Black NFAPA approved wild land fire fighting/logging boot priced at $309.95
Red Wing 405 water proof crepe soled boot with tough our shell priced at $194.95
Red Wing  435 King Toe water proof work/hiking boot price at $174.95
Red Wing 595, a all leather casual chukka style boot price at $209.95
Red Wing 606, one of our best selling six inch boots, leather lined with the clear super sole priced at $214.95
Red Wing 608, the taller eight inch version of the boot shown above, priced at 234.95
Red Wing 866, the classic crepe soled pull on priced at 234.95
Red Wing 875, the boot that started it all back in 1905 priced at $234.95

Red Wing 877, the eight inch version of the above boot, available with or with out lace hooks priced at a $274.95
Red Wing 676, a super comfortable boot featuring wedge style super sole.  Priced at $209.95
Red Wing 1155, a pull on boot with a slight western look to it, priced at $244.95
Red Wing 1159 an eleven inch pull on work boot priced at $164.95
Red Wing 1209, a water proof, low heeled Vibram eight inch work boot priced at $214.95
Red Wing 620, a water proof, vibram soled logger style boot priced at $199.95
Red Wing 8703, a leather, leather lined work shoe with static dissipative sole.  Make a nice casual shoe as well, priced at $129.95
Red Wing 8704, a brown version of the above shoe, with an even more casual look, priced at $ 129.95
Red Wing 4420, a safety toed, water proof logger $204.95
Red Wing 2240, a King Toe, non Metallic safety toe hiker/work boot, $189.95
Red Wing 2406, a general peruse work boot $219.99
Worx 5290, a black leather, zipped safety toed, jump style boots

Red Wing 8670 a water proof hiker style work boot priced at $139.95